• asiatique sky

    Bangkok’s Landmark, 60 metres high 42 gondolas, Fun for the whole family, Amazing Views.

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    28 years ago its first performance
    and today stronger than ever.

    Names of cabarets, shows, entertainment venues all over the world are famous and numerous and all stride for excitement sparing nothing on lights, sounds and sets.

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  • muay thai live

    The Legend Lives is followed by Warriors Rising – two bouts of live Muay Thai boxing matches that are mentored by Muay Thai Grand Master Kru Sane Tubtimtong

    The fighters are both local and international, and represent various gyms around Bangkok.

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  • joe louis
    The Art Of Thai

    Here, You will enjoy and impress in the aesthetic both of taste and art in of the highness meal as well.

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  • juliet
    love garden

    Love Locks

    The legend tells us that if a Love Lock with the initials of two people in love is affixed to the fence and the keys are thrown in the fountain, they will return together to the fountain and their love will be forever locked.

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